Spiritual Teachers

guru_meditatingI always found comfort in the promise that when you are ready you will find your spiritual teacher, or he/she will find you. Naturally I imagined this would be a person of flesh and blood. As I am living in a rather remote corner of the Western world this seemed a bit mysterious, even more so given that I am drawn to the spiritual teachings of the Eastern world…

But once I opened up to the Truth I discovered I could find teachers everywhere, well maybe not everywhere, but at least several places. I recognize Truth and lessons in the teachings of Jesus, as well as those of Buddha. And why not since there can only be one Truth, and contradictory “truths” are really just systems of belief, constructed to guide people towards the Truth (at best) or as a means to control them (at worst).

The Prophets were holders of the Truth, and they were special in the respect that they had experienced the essence of our existence; not just understood it, but realized it through and through. Other than that they were ordinary human beings just like all of us. I started going to church to remind myself that Truth is actually here, but there is a lot of confusion as well.

The ultimate place to look for Truth is within, if the blabbering mind could keep still once in a while. The spiritual teachers have always been here, only I´ve been blind to the fact. Once ready for it the Truth reveals itself somehow, and all anyone has to do is pay attention.

Adyashanti is a modern day prophet who speaks of Truth, and amazingly his teaching is freely available to anyone who is connected to the Internet. Not as mysterious as I thought it would be, but maybe that isn’t such a bad thing…

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