Should I Care If Anybody Read This ?

This is a post about why I write, to clarify my inner motivation. When I write I automatically picture a generic reader. It helps me formulate consistent sentences, I think. Writing down my thoughts helps me structure them, and that is my main motivation. Again, I think. Starting a blog is also driven by an urge to express myself, otherwise I would just write on paper and put it in a drawer, and I am not sure how that works if nobody reads what I write… Oh well. The point is to write, not to get readers. I feel I have a contribution to make, and whether the worlds wants it or not is not really my concern. Here it is… Some thoughts coming from my mind through the ether to you, my reader (yes, you!).

I don´t know you. Heck, sometimes I don´t even know myself, so how could I? In essence we are all the same, we just have different roles to play in this game called life. My role obviously includes some writing, and yours apparently includes reading what I write, at least this once. Please feel free to subscribe if you want to make a habit of it. Not that I promise to make a habit out of writing, honestly, I don´t know where this is going. I just accept this as part of my path in this instance. Tomorrow, we´ll see what happens. Now, I hit publish.

Random Thoughts on Pain

Some days the meaning of life evades me. You do your thing, think your thoughts, live your life, but what is the point? The pain is right under the surface, ready to be noticed, to be felt, to be recognized – if you dare… What is the meaning of pain? Pain in a yoga pose, pain in your heart, painful memories that fly through your mind, forgotten pain resurfacing? It is to remind you of the power of letting go! The urge to let go! To knock your head with a hammer so that you do not, once again, fall asleep. Sometimes I wonder, is there anybody out there? I know the answer ;;; NO, nobody is *out there*. It is all about the *in here*. Well, sometimes I also wonder, is there anybody in here? Then, all I need to do, is listen… to what the pain is telling me.